Remy Martin Louis XIII + GBX 04x 70cl

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Heritage and expertise passed down from generation to generation is what makes the Louis XIII such a coveted blend. Each cellar maker reserves their finest eaux-de-vie, creating a refined Cognac that is unique; glimmering with each turn of a new era.

Simply a stunning Cognac.


  •  First sip: A dense celebration of floral notes and caddied fruits with hints of spices emerge first.
  •  Second sip: Notes of jasmine twirled with nuances of passion fruit, themselves flirting with ginger and nutmeg. Touches of roses and iris are dancing with elements of fig, prunes, in turn being sustained harmoniously by layers of sandalwood and honey.
  •  Finish: Four generations of cellar master have succeeded each other to produce these intense aromas that persist more than an hour on the palate.



  •  The Brand: LOUIS XIII Cognac
  •  Alcohol Content: 40% Alcohol by Volume
  •  Category: Grande Champagne Cognac, Cognac
  •  House: Remy Martin
  •  Created: 1874

LOUIS XIII dates back to the 19th century, nurtured by generations devoted to the finest cognac ever produced. Each decanter is created as a unique expression of the traditional know-how of the House and is part of an iconic collection. A replica of the original flask discovered on the site of the battle of Jarnac, the LOUIS XIII decanter is an icon in all four corners of the world. Its curved shape and characteristic adornments reveal both power and subtlety with elegance. It is an outstanding piece to celebrate the greatest moments in life.

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